Putting  students first by investing in their education


teacher studentThe Mendon-Upton Education Foundation (MUEF), founded in 2005, represents an important resource for education innovation in Mendon and Upton.  MUEF is a non-profit, private charitable organization that seeks tax-deductible gifts and bequests from citizens, businesses, and organizations.   Foundation funding allows the school district to expand programing and provide for capital investments in education beyond the very basic requirements set by the state and federal department of education.  Over the past several years, MUEF has raised and distributed over $163,000 in grants.   MUEF will continue to support curriculum enhancements in five key areas aligned with the MURSD Strategic Plan:  STEM, Technology in the Classroom, World Languages/Cultural Proficiency, Fine and Performing Arts and Pro-social Behaviors/Positive Choices.

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